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Don't ask...

Original post:
This is my fetish. I like to put things in my butt. Letting someone else watch increases my pleasure greatly. I had eggplant parmesan for dinner the other night and I was thinking maybe I should try an eggplant. I think I can do it. I use butt plugs all the time so I am pretty well stretched out. I'm looking for a guy to come over and watch me do this. We will not be having sex, but if you want to masturbate while you watch me do this that would be great. If you'd rather not, that's fine too. I expect you to be reasonably good looking, especially if you are planning to masturbate in front of me. Let me know if this interests you.

I just posted this one on a whim and forgot about it. I checked my email several hours later and I had over 250 responses. Is this how normal people have sex? Am I some kind of prude or something? Did I fall asleep and wake up in a parallel dimension full of perverts?

Oh, I also inspired a copycat with this one. I have subverted some poor guy out there. He read my post and now has a post of his own soliciting a woman to put an eggplant and other household items in her bum. Here it is:

Inserting eggplant up butt? Any other women do this? - m4w - 35
Holy gaucamole! A woman inserting an eggplant up her butt? Why did this not generate note or comment? Quite a peculiar and dare I say fascinating sort of undertaking.

If the poster or other similarly inclined women are out there, I would like to witness the insertion of produce or common household items up the bum of a woman. I read 1,000 things to do before you die, and this has now made it on my list. I want to see such a thing and am willing to make it worth your while. I will be able to top all conversations, and say--oh yeah I went to a girls house and she put a eggplant (banana, potatoe, cucumber, butternut squash) up her ass while I watched. Make my new dream come true!

Good stuff. Now on to the responses.

Tom is interested... as long as I'm good looking.
Seriously? Are you height/weight proportionate? I'm all of that and not unpleasant on the eyes.


I hope Paul washed his hands before going back to work.
I just can't believe how excited I got reading your
posting! I would love to watch you insert just about
anything that excites you. I'm sure you will get more
than your share of willing men, but I would like to
put in my request. I probaably couldn't help but
masturbate aafter watching that, as I had to run to
the men's room and knock one off just reading the
posting, which was interesting since I'm at work.

Would you like a picture to see if I measure up on the
atractive scale?


Maxwell R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Hi, saw your [adult personals] post. Wow, you might be onto
something. I would love to watch you put this thing
up your ass. Not sure if I would just watch in awe
(and with respect) or would be really turned on. But
I really want to see this.

Drop me a line and I'll help you get that pleasure
you're seeking.


Wonder Boy
You would never believe me but my fetish is to watch an attractive woman put an eggplant in her butt while I masterbate....

I am exactly what Todd has been looking for. Disclaimer: this one is pretty gross.
Hey there,
Great ad. My name is Todd & your fetish is exactly what I've been searching for from a woman. I would even love for you to feed me whatever comes out of your rear (jellybeans, eggplant, carrot, your finger) I'm pretty kinky & have a major female ass fetish & extremely visually stimulated. I'm a prof., 40 y/o s/w/m w/ an easygoing personality, witty and respectful. I'm clean, d7d free & don't do drugs. Take care and look forward to your reply.


Well, at least I know I'll never have to go hungry. Peter is willing to pay to watch this.
I will pay $100 just to watch you do it--handsome white male here in Bethesda-

Am attractive and fascinated by this. Must witness this, a thing to
before I die

Call me (202) 207-xxxx

Bill thinks it's too good to be true.

Your posting sounds almost too good to be true. I'm a tall, fit, clean, 38 y/o wm in Arlington. I am a natural voyeur with an ass fetish. I've helped women insert some fairly large things in their ass, but I can't even imagine an eggplant (even a smaller one). I'd love to come watch you try. I'd definitely need to masterbate, the thought alone gets me so hard.


Pick me, Pick me! I am so turned on thinking about watching you slide that eggplant up your ass while I masturbate. When? Where? Early 30's, SWM, 6'2, good looking... will be very happy to watch.

Another guy willing to pay. Here's one I got from Robert.
I have been around the world and had sex with over 70 women and once
a porche.

I have never seen a woman stick a egg plant up her ass. I must see
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Am cool with not having sex, I am handsome and will pay good money or
you a cake or bottle of wine or whatever you want. I must see you do


Oh, I am handsome, fun 40 year old former boxer now college
professor/businessman white, brown eyes and hair.

k wants to take me grocery shopping.

I love masturbation and anal play and would enjoy getting together to watch you stick objects up your butt. Maybe go shopping together to buy the eggplant, cucumbers, or whatever else you might like? I'd also be happy to buy you butt plugs and dildos if you'd let me watch you play with them.

I am an attractive, fit, SWM, clean, D&D free. I am easygoing but very creative, obviously with a kinky side, and enjoy anal play and object insertion a great deal. I am discreet and respectful of limits; I do not desire and understand we will not be having sex. I live in Arlington County (right across the street from a Harris Teeter with a great produce department . . . ) and can host if you'd like. I can send a pic if you'd like to see one.

jesse is missing out on this kind of excitement now that he's married.
I would love to watch you shove an eggplant up your ass! I may masterbate. I am an athletic male, 34, married and missing this kind of erotic excitement!!

I think I'm really on to something here. Another guy named Peter is offering gifts.
Handsome white male, clean cut, professional and have always wanted to
see a
girl put an eggplant in her butt. I will even buy you a dessert or
something. A gift certificate or other gift!

Hit me back or call my cel (202) 207-xxxx


Clay got hard reading this. Hmmm... I might have an idea for that romance novel.
Needless to say, your subject line in your ad got my attention. :)
It also made me a little hard. I love the idea of watching you
stretch your ass like that. The situation you described sounds
perfect. I can even come over tonight if you want. I have a car and
can be there pretty quickly. I am a good looking 27 year old guy.
Usually pretty normal from 9 to 5, but I have a wild side that likes
to come out and play every once in a while. I'm ready to play
tonight. Are you?



I would love to watch you...

I'll whisper things to you - I think you'll love my
erotic whispers...

I'll also want to massage my cock as you nestle your
egg plant inside.

I'm fit, cute, very sexy and fun...

I have a pix

Lets chat

Lord Vader
Hi there,

I saw your ad on [the adult personals], and I'd be very interested in
joining and watching. My name is Matt, I'm 27, white,
and live in DC. I'm reasonably good looking, and love
to jerk off while watching a woman pleasure herself.
Oh, I also enjoy having things up my butt, if you'd be
interested in a little turnabout ;) Let me know if
you're interested.


I'd love to jerk off watching your stuff an eggplant in your butt!


Big Fish
That is the hottest thing i've heard in a long time. I am a 6'6" ex
pro-football player that would love to watch this. I have an anal
fetish and
also love to jerk off in front of people because I like to show my size
girth off. I don't think you would be dissappointed in the my looks. I
this response is not too late.


Don't worry. I did reply to find out what team he played for. UPDATE: Redskins, Giants and a stint in the arena league.

icp exec
I'm arroused just thinking about the idea of it.
Have you tried a small zuccinni or squash? Would you
require some gentle assistance?I'm arroused just thinking about the idea of it.
Have you tried a small zuccinni or squash? Would you
require some gentle assistance?

Of course I want to see--in fact, I've seen some eggplants that are
source of inmense pleasure for women (or for men ready to have
inside themselves). When, where can I see you? I don't plan to
while you play with the eggplant, but I'm really curious about women
to use vegetables instead of cocks.

Keep me posted on your plans,

Hi Eggplant Girl,

I would love to come down and watch you putting an eggplant inside your anal. This will turn me on and makes me hard. I am more than happy to masturbate in front of you. How does it sound to you? I am a nice 49 yrs old white man from Silver Spring. Please feel free to ask me any question.



Maybe Later writes:
Are you for real? I love watching women and jerking off for them. I
have a picture on this computer but will send one later if you respond.
have only met one other women on [the adult personals] that actually came through to be a
person interested in a CE. We met at a park and ride and watched each

I would love to get together and play. I am in the Baltimore area but
travel to DC on business regularly.

I'll be waiting to hear from you with my cock in my hand.

I think he's going to be waiting with his cock in his hand for quite a while.

R B thinks I have the coolest fetish ever. If only he knew what my real fetish is...
Loved reading your ad. I've been looking at [the adult personals] the
past week but had reservations about being with a
compelete stranger. I thought it would be nice to
have clean fun with someone. This sounds pretty clean
and not to mention a big turn on. I have always
thought that a woman's ass is the sexiest part of her
body. I think it would be sexy as hell to see what
you could do with that eggplant.

As for me, I'm cute, 29, m with blonde hair and blue
eyes. I'm 5'9'' and 150lbs. I live in Silver Spring.
I'm sending you a pic. If you think I'm cute and
want me to masturbate to you while you do that..that
would be cool as well. Love to chat more. Send a pic
if you're interested.

I'm confident that Brian is perfectly sane.
this sounds amazing and i would love to see it.

i am:
25 years old
5'10" + slight build
and sane

i understand everything you've laid out. watching and no participation.
i do love anal play and porn so i would love to see this happen. i'm
than happy to reply with a pic but i am told that i'm 'cute' on a reg
if you're interested let me know. i know i am.


What the fuck is up with every guy getting hard from my posts? NOVA guy
I saw your posting on [the adult personals] and got hard thinking about it. I would love to come and masturbate while watching you do anal insertions. I'm in the Clarendon area. I'm 22WM, 5'8 and 160 lbs (in shape), about 7 and a half inches hard.

Hope to see you soon for some fun!

Mustafa is willing to give me encouragement.
Hey I would love to come over and watch you put that eggplant in your
Yes I will masturbate since I would get really horney watching you do
Don't worry I will cheer you in doing it and help you out if you need

How can I miss this?! I love seeing women put stuff
inside of them, it's very dirty and I'm getting hard
just thinking about it. I'm 31 WM, blond, blue eyed,
fit and good looking.

I would love to watch you put things in your but. How about I fill a rubber with water and freeze it and then you let me watch as you put it in your ass.


I guess it's better than a kick in the ass with a frozen boot.

damn.... I am getting hard thinking about what you are proposing. Hit me back so I can stroke my cock in front of you.

If I was really going to stuff an eggplant in my ass I'd probably respond to Matt
Dear eggplant gal,

First, I'd like to compliment you: I think your fetish
is wonderful and should be celebrated -- it's safe
(barring mishaps!), fun, and sexy. Most of the time I
puruse this site to amuse myself. But your ad had a
special appeal to me, enough to respond to you. Funny
too that I also had eggplant Parmesan yesterday
(Sunday). Do you enjoy cooking as well?

Anyway, I've also enjoyed anally pleasuring myself:
did it a couple of times with a well-lubed liquid glue
stick -- with the cap on tight! -- and it was quite
pleasurable. I'm totally straight, by the way, but
not narrow. So we already have two things in common
-- eggplant parmesan and butt fetish!

Although I have a gf, I feel she is a bit
conservative. We've discussed anal sex, doing me with
a strap-on, but she has outright rejected the ideas.
I dated a young woman some years back who also enjoyed
butt plugs, beads, and the like. She was in tune with
her body and orgasmed frequently. I would relish the
opportunity to see a woman enjoy herself like that
again. Yes, I have no interest in having intercourse
with you -- I love my gf -- though masterbating in
front of you is a distinct possibility.

About me: I'm a 34 years old, former chef with an
established job and a close network of family and
friends. I'm quite the gentleman: I'm respectful,
have excellent manners, a good conversationalist. I'm
also considered funny and good-looking too, but you
can be the judge of that. I'm also sane as I
volunteer for a blind fellow through the Columbia
Lighthouse for the Blind, whose screening process is
pretty thorough -- they don't want their volunteers to
rob their clients blind, no pun intended!

We could meet for a coffee during the week at the
Starbucks in Rosslyn or thereabouts to gauge our
comfort level with one another. How does that sound?
Attached you'll find a couple of photos: one from my
culinary days (I'm the one in the chef's uniform), and
the other taken more recently. If you could send me a
photo in kind, I'd appreciate it. Well, I look
forward to hearing from you.



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