Slap My Face While we Fuck -26

I hoped to push the envelope even further than we had done in the past. This was a call to a different kind of pervert. My appeal "tell me what you would do to me" generated some detailed responses. You might want a shower after you read these.

Original Post:
I am posting in this forum because I'm looking for something very unique. To cut to the chase, I want to be slapped around. I like rough sex and I haven't been fucked properly in a long while. If you are interested in this, let me tell you what you are getting yourself into. I like to be dominated. Not tied up or gagged or dressed in leather, I liked to be told what to do. If you have a strong hand with me I will always obey. I'm looking for someone who will fuck me hard, boss me around and from time to time, slap me. There is nothing quite like it. The pain is a big turn on. The orgasms I can have are mind-blowing. I don't want to be beaten up but I am searching for a guy who will know when the time is right and slap me hard. I like being slapped on the ass too but this is probably my limit. If things really work out between us I might let you choke me while we fuck but we'll see. Write to me and tell me what you would do to me. I want to know I am choosing someone who will do this right.

justinhere_2000 was the first to reply. He gave me his cell phone number, the name of the hotel he was staying at, room number, phone number at the hotel and a description that turned my stomach. To some people the word "domination" is synonymous with "rape".

35 year old, white, 5'8, 200 lbs (not fat, muscular type), buzzed head in town at West Palm currently relocating from California. Love to have you come over (or me to you) no names, totally discreet, walk in, I grab hold of you firmly and pull you next to me.........my hands wrap around your ass and pull you into the firmness in my pants...you feel me against your pelvic bone and try to push away but I pull you harder telling you to drop to your knees...you refuse at first so I force you onto your knees while removing my cock...I tell you to take it in your mouth and you say NO.....NO??? I reach around the back of your head and pull your head closer, your mouth opens and takes my 7 inches all the way (you gag slightly) as you tell me NO again..you can't, etc.....I start to fuck your mouth but need more so I push you back on the bed and begin to remove your clothes...you struggle as I remove your panties and I slap you across your ass...mmmm......your ass is hanging over the edge of the bed as you lie on your stomach.....I spread your cheeks and begin to eat your pussy...again you say no...I slap you across your ass again and now force my cock inside you as you struggle.......twisting and turning my hands slowly circle your neck and I begin to apply pressure as I fuck you hard, deep and long...............................My phone number is..

The responses just keep getting more graphic and violent. d_1a2b3 had this to entice me with.

You would answer the door and let me in. I would say only "Take me to the bedroom" once there, I would sit on the edge of the bed and tell you to undress, telling you exactly what to take off in what order. When you are completely naked, you will step back and wait for my approval. I will tell you to take my pants off and rub my semi-hard cock. "Lick it" I say, and you comply. "Suck it" I say, and you comply. As you move up and down my shaft, I firmly hold your head as I bounce it hard up and down. When I am good and hard, I stop you and I bend you over a chair or the bed or whatever is handy. I enter you from behind and slap your ass as I pound your wet pussy. Stopping before I blow my load and with you on the edge of a massive orgasm, I throw you to the bed and make you beg for more. "Please fuck me" you say. I slap your face. "Beg me" I say. And you plead again "Please fuck me hard" I slap you again and slam into your engorged pussy with your ankles on my shoulders and I finish the job. Once I've blown my load, you lick my body until I begin to feel aroused, you suck me back to a fully erect state and climb on top and ride me until I come again, as you ride, I slap your breasts and ass, continually commanding you to ride me harder. When you are about to come I pull you closer by your hair until your face is next to mine and bite you hard on the cheek until you cry out in pain. If you ask me to stop I slap you again. I make you ride me until I finish. When I'm done, you thank me and I leave.

Like it? Let me know.

This guy would do exactly what I asked and then some but Jesus Christ, cheek biting is a bit brutal.

The next response had a good subject line: "bad girls need discipline". This guy's e-mail address is MiamiDomMan4U. LOL. Right. So he says he will do the following.

I'm a selective dominant man who enjoys role playing and being verbal. I'm into discipline and control. I will not beat you up harm or bruise you but I will slap your face, insult you, pull your hair and manhandle you. Will hold you down and lift your skirt and call you a cock tease and a slut and threaten you with turning you into my whore and I your pimp. I will tell you how if you don't let me have your way with you I will return with a group of men and gangbang you. I'm very imaginative and love talking nasty while I slowly break down your resistance. I like also humiliating you by making you suck your thumb, stand on the corner or simply bend over and showing me your ass. I can go on telling you more but first I want to know what you think of this so far. I'm a stocky, 35 yr old 6ft 245lbs chubby guy so if you're not into being dominated by a big burly masculine guy then I'm prob not for you. I also have a daddy complex so would greatly enjoy playing a naughty husky daddy if you're into that role. All these things are just some of the things I can get into, it is not a complete list. Nothing is a requirement either I will respect your limits if we decide we do have enough common ground to pursue this.

please reply even if just to say not a match

This guy says he wants to humiliate me and if I don't do what he says he'll organize a gang rape? Wow. I don't buy this one at all. Somehow asking me to "please reply" even if it's just to say no doesn't seem like something a true dominant male would do. I'm not the only one full of shit I think.

This is the reply I was waiting for. LordOdin is a regular responder of mine who always tells me he knows what I want. Apparently it's a strong man like him. I wonder if he makes you call him Lord whille you're screwing him.

Ok Im sure you are getting mobbed with replies, but read my entire reply to you...I am a VERY VERY experienced Dominant male, I have been in the lifestyle for 14+ years...I am 37 years old...single white male, blonde with green/blue eyes
I am VERY skilled in bondage, breath play and slap play, ass, breasts and face.
It is a VERY delicate balance what you seek, and mentally is the hardest part of it, to bring you/get you there mentally so you crave it as much as breath itself, and when it happens you CUM so hard you cant catch your breath.
If this is what your looking for and more, and are serious Reply back

This is definately the most interesting response any of my bogus posts have ever gotten. dinobot24 titled his response: "I have a better idea". The following instructions are for The Chain Trick which apperntly comes from Europe. When we started doing these fake personal ads we knew we would get some perverts to open up but it has been quite an eye opening experience for us. It's truly amazing what people are into and willing to discuss with perfect strangers. If anyone tries this let us know how it goes.

The Chain Trick…. A delicious dessert for two.

Ingredients: A length of chrome plated ¼” proof coil chain.
Rubbing alcohol.
Dish soap.
‘Personal’ Lube
Willing and sexually adventurous woman of legal age.

SERVES TWO (Or more if you play well with others.)

As served by the best Kinks of Europe.

“Memorable” – The Exotic Review. “Gripping’ - US Snooze and Weird Report
“Unbelieveable” - KneesWeak magazine. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” - Neighbors
“I saw 5 Stars” – Sally Jesse Raaaaphael “6 Minute Orgasm” - KeLLiColt

Prepare length of chain: Wash it in dish soap and rinsing it in alcohol. Wash off the alcohol in warm water. You want it clean and sterile. It doesn’t hurt to have it slightly warm too. Wrap it in a towel… you’ll need the towel later. Set the wrapped chain aside.

Prepare Willing Wench of legal age. Note: Personal tastes and techniques vary. Do what works best for you. Wench should be happy and secure. Wench should be excited and feeling playful. Wench likely has NO IDEA how strong this will be. Neither do you. Have fun with that! Warm up Wench. Lick her clit, tickle her g-spot (it’s going to be really tickled later.) Kiss her and tease her. Get her wet. If she’s multiorgasmic (lucky you!) let her cum a few times. Little orgasms at this point are perfect.

Now combine previously prepared chain and warmed Willing Wench and serve.

Use lube.
Use more lube.

Serving: Spread Wench. Knees up, ankles at her sides, lying on her back. Place a pillow under her if it helps make her birth canal open. Use lube.

Slowly insert the chain link by link. Caution: you can pinch delicate folds between the links if you are not careful. Fact of the matter is…you probably will. If you go slow it will be a tiny pinch. To avoid pinching use lots of lube and slip each link into the one that preceded it (it will become obvious quickly how that’s done.). Have fun with it. Insert the first few links as far as you can easily reach with one finger. They will move back as the latter links follow. The chain slowly fills and stretches her vagina. There are few nerves ending in the muscular walls of the vagina. These are rarely stimulated even during sex. This stretching introduces new sensations which can be quite powerful.

USE LUBE. Liberally. (That’s why you brought the chain in a towel. Use the towel under her. Some lubes stain – especially on satin. Don’t ask; trust me on this.)

The sensations you are creating are very much like those induced by ‘fisting’. The advantage of the chain is that you don’t have to pass a large fist through the vaginal opening. There are some other advantages; she can move around more. That can be fun too. Try different positions when the chain is inside her. Let her roll on her side or on to her tummy. She may be able to walk with the chain inside her; that’s very interesting!

Note on how much chain to use. You won’t know in advance how much she can take. Buy a couple of different lengths; 2’, 3’ and 4’. They’re cheap (about $1.50/foot) and you’ll find lots of ways to play with the different lengths. Some women can’t take more than 2 feet. Some can. A four foot chain makes an interesting toy for two women to share.

Be playful. Lick her clit as you’re inserting the chain. Rub her g-spot as the link goes in. Stop every now and then and insert your finger alongside the chain. Interesting isn’t it? Tight too! Rub her g-spot again. And again. Lick, rub, insert… find your own rhythm.

She will want to cum.

Don’t let her. Tell her to wait. It gets better.

Much better.

When you’ve got all the chain that feels comfortable to you both folded and molded inside her begin to bring her closer to the peak. Don’t rush it. Take your time. Enjoy it. She will. Let her fall back from the edge…. And help her climb up again.

Let her squeeze down against the chain.

Lick her and play with her g-spot until you believe that she cannot stand it any more.

PULL THE CHAIN OUT. Do it in one continuous and rapid motion. Be prepared for her to squirt. (Towel under her is important.)

Lay the chain on her tummy where she can feel the weight against her uterus. (Isn’t it astonishing how hot it is?!)

Move immediately to where you can hold her. Hold her through the shaking after quakes. (Don’t worry if she won’t talk for a while; some women faint.) Keep cuddling her for about 10 minutes. If you touch her clit she may explode. Wait.

She may insist on sleeping with the chain under her pillow. It’s only natural. She may fall in love with it. Lucky you.

I found a couple of guys who are really into slapping their girlfriends around.

speedracer2003hey...my name is Joe and i just wanted to let you know that I am totally into what you are looking for. MY g/f allowed me to slap her around but I did not enjoy it because i knew that she wasnt into it. I would love for you to be sucking my cock and pull your head back by your hair and slap you in the face a few times and tell you what a bad job of sucking cock you are doing. I would love to degrade you and call you a stupid bitch while im pounding you with my fat cock and slapping you accross the face.....ummmmmmmm FUCK!!!!!

I'm 32 M Miami and I am very interested.....please send me a pic if you are interested and I will send mine.

Take Care, Joe.

miamichris171I love crazy rough sex. My last girlfriend and i would have trouble walking the next day after a great night of hard sex. I love to be bitten and have a woman dig her nails into me while I ram my hard cock insode of her hot wet pussy. I love to pull hair and play with your ass to make you extra hot and make your pussy explode with that much more excitement.Hope to hear back. will send pic at request...trust me, no dissappointments.

*cringe*I have no words for this one...

i would love to fuckin abuse you
i would give it to u rough
grab ur clit with my teeth
bite your ass
grab your hair
fuck u hard
tell u what to do
fuck ur face and hold your face on my dick
just make u mine


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